Keynote speaker

Software Component Models: A Survey of Software Componentisation

Abstract: Componentisation has always been seen as the key to tackling scale and complexity, nowhere more so than the looming Internet of Things. In Software Development, componentisation is defined by component models. In this talk I will survey the landscape of software componentisation, past and present, with an analysis and a taxonomy that may provide useful pointers to componentisation in future large-scale and ultra-complex systems such as the IoT.

Kung-Kiu Lau

Kung-Kiu Lau Kung-Kiu Lau holds a PhD from the University of Leeds, UK, and is currently a senior lecturer, leading the Component-based Software Development research group, in the School of Computer Science, the University of Manchester, UK.
He is the author of a textbook, the editor of a research monograph and a book series on Component-based Software Development, all published by World Scientific. He is a member of the editorial boards of the Journal of Universal Computer Science and the Journal of Applied Logic (area editor: Logic and Software Engineering).
He was a principal investigator on the European projects CESAR (2009-2012) and EMC2 (2014-2016).
He was programme (co-)chair for the Second European Conference on Service-oriented and Cloud Computing (ESSOC), 2013, and general chair of the Third ESSOC, 2014. He has presented tutorials on Software Component Models at the International Conference on Software Engineering, the International Conference on Automated Software Engineering and the International Symposium on Component-based Software Engineering.