26th Conference on Innovation in Clouds, Internet and Networks

Distributed Intelligence across Network and Edge-to-Cloud Continuum

March 07-09, 2023
Paris, France

ICIN 2023 Organizing Committee

General Co-Chairs

Diego Lopez - ICIN 2023

Diego Lopez
(Telefonica, Spain)

Marie-José Montpetit - ICIN 2023

Marie-José Montpetit
(Concordia University, Canada)

Technical Program Committee Chair

Walter Cerroni - ICIN 2023

Walter Cerroni
(Univ. of Bologna, Italy)

Workshops Co-Chairs

Hitoshi Asaeda - ICIN 2023

Hitoshi Asaeda
(NICT, Japan)

Giancarlo Fortino - ICIN 2023

Giancarlo Fortino
(UniCAL, Italy)

Keynotes and Panel Co-Chairs

Chih-Lin I - ICIN 2023

Chih-Lin I
(China Mobile, China)

Cedric Westphal - ICIN 2023

Cedric Westphal
(Futurewei, USA)

Tutorials Co-Chairs

Zarrar Yousaf - ICIN 2023

Zarrar Yousaf
(NEC, Germany)

Bruno Chatras - ICIN 2023

Bruno Chatras
(Former ETSI NFV Chair)

Demos Co-Chairs

Tianwei Zhang - ICIN 2023

Tianwei Zhang
(NTU, Singapore)

Barbara Martini - ICIN 2023

Barbara Martini
(Universitas Mercatorum, Italy)

Patrons Chair

Dewang Gedia - ICIN 2023

Dewang Gedia
(Cisco Systems & University of Colorado Boulder, USA)

Publication Co-Chairs

Mario Di Mauro - ICIN 2023

Mario Di Mauro
(University of Salerno, Italy)

Piotr Borylo - ICIN 2023

Piotr Borylo
(AGH University of Science and Telecommunication, Poland)

Publicity Co-Chairs

Meriem Kassar - ICIN 2023

Meriem Kassar
(ENIT, Tunisia)

Elisa Rojas - ICIN 2023

Elisa Rojas
(University of Alcala, Spain)

Jianping Wang - ICIN 2023

Jianping Wang
(HK City University, HK)

International Steering Committee Chair

Noel Crespi - ICIN 2023

Noel Crespi
(Institut Polytechnique de Paris, France)

Overall Arrangements Chair

Aziza Lounis - ICIN 2023

Aziza Lounis
(DNAC, France)

Web Chair

Elia Kallas - ICIN 2023

Elia Kallas
(DNAC, France)