25th Conference on Innovation in Clouds, Internet and Networks (ICIN )

March 07-10, 2022
Paris, France (Hybrid Conference)

General Co-Chairs

Mohamed Faten Zhani - ICIN 2022

Mohamed Faten Zhani
(ETS Montreal, Canada)

Noura Liman - ICIN 2022

Noura Liman
(University of Waterloo, Canada )

Technical Program Committee Co-Chairs

Piotr Boryło - ICIN 2022

Piotr Boryło
(AGH University of Science and Technology, Poland)

Amina Boubendir - ICIN 2022

Amina Boubendir
(Orange Labs, France)

Workshops Co-Chairs

Elisa Rojas - ICIN 2022

Elisa Rojas
(University of Alcala, Spain)

Barbara Martini - ICIN 2022

Barbara Martini
(CNIT, Italy)

Keynotes and Panel Co-Chairs

Håkon Lønsethagen - ICIN 2022

Håkon Lønsethagen
(Telenor, Norway)

Marie-José Montpetit - ICIN 2022

Marie-José Montpetit
(Concordia University, Canada )

Tutorials Co-Chairs

Walter Cerroni - ICIN 2022

Walter Cerroni
(University of Bologna, Italy )

Christian Rothenberg - ICIN 2022

Christian Rothenberg
(University of Campinas (UNICAM), Brazil)

Demos Co-Chairs

Sarah Ayoubi - ICIN 2022

Sarah Ayoubi
(Nokia, France)

Hyame Alameddine - ICIN 2022

Hyame Alameddine
(Ericsson Research, Canada)

Patrons Chair

Bruno Chatras - ICIN 2022

Bruno Chatras
(Orange Labs, France)

Publication Chair

Carlos Raniery Paula Dos Santos - ICIN 2022

Carlos Raniery Paula Dos Santos
(Federal University of Santa Maria, Brazil )

Publicity Chairs

Flavio Esposito - ICIN 2022

Flavio Esposito
(Saint Louis University, USA)

Raphael Pasquini - ICIN 2022

Raphael Pasquini
(Universidade Federal de Uberlândia, Brazil )

Tim Wauters - ICIN 2022

Tim Wauters
(Gent University, Belgium)

International Steering Committee Chair

Noel Crespi - ICIN 2022

Noel Crespi
(Institut Polytechnique de Paris, France)

Overall Arrangements

Aziza Lounis - ICIN 2022

Aziza Lounis
(DNAC, France)

Web Chair

Elia Kallas - ICIN 2022

Elia Kallas
(DNAC, France)