27th Conference on Innovation in Clouds, Internet and Networks

Intelligent network service management across the compute continuum

March 11-14, 2024
Paris, France

About ICIN Conference

Since 1989, the ICIN conferences have been bringing together leading internet and telecom experts from industry, academia, and government from across the globe. ICIN is a single-track conference that is both intimate and global, attracting 100+ delegates, from more than 20 countries. It focuses on leading-edge investigations into Internet technologies from basic networking and cloud services to novel architectures. ICIN uses a rigorous peer-review process and has become an established industry forum to discuss emerging trends in Information and Communications Technology (ICT). It offers an agora for one on one discussions and cross-fertilization between participants and leading network visionaries with the goal of promoting dialogue and ideation about the current and future trends in networking research and development. ICIN conferences are well known for their identification of research challenges and industry trends and their discussion on the impact of cutting-edge technologies on future intelligent and distributed networking and related computing services. ICIN has an enviable track record of identifying key technology and service – and analyzing their impact on business models – before they become widely recognized in the industry and government communication sectors. The interdisciplinary approach and the cross-fertilization of ideas are the main ingredients that made ICIN a recognized event in the cloud networking and Internet communities.

ICIN now a recognized event in its domain and successive venues have been as follows: