Title: A Speed of Light Internet Service Provider

Abstract: to be announced

Bruce Maggs - ICIN 2020

Bruce Maggs
(Duke University, USA)

Bio: Bruce Maggs received the S.B., S.M., and Ph.D. degrees in computer science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1985, 1986, and 1989, respectively. His advisor was Charles Leiserson. After spending one year as a Postdoctoral Associate at MIT, he worked as a Research Scientist at NEC Research Institute in Princeton from 1990 to 1993. In 1994, he moved to Carnegie Mellon, where he stayed until joining Duke University in 2009 as a Professor in the Department of Computer Science. While on a two-year leave-of-absence from Carnegie Mellon, Maggs helped to launch Akamai Technologies, serving as its first Vice President for Research and Development. He retains a part-time role at Akamai as Vice President for Research. In 2017 he won the Best Dataset Award at the Passive and Active Measurement Conference, The Best Paper Award at CoNEXT, a Distinguished Paper Award at USENIX Security, and the 2017 IEEE Cybersecurity Innovation Award for work that appeared at IEEE Security and Privacy. In 2018 he was part of a large team that received the inaugural SIGCOMM Networking Systems Award for the Akamai CDN.

Title: Network Operations and AI

Abstract: to be announced

Rafia Inam - ICIN 2020

Rafia Inam
(Ericsson, Sweden)

Bio: Rafia Inam is a senior project manager at Ericsson Research in research area Artificial Intelligence, Sweden. She joined Ericsson research in 2014 and worked on 5G for industries. She also worked as Single Point of Contact for Scania. Her research interests include 5G network slices and management, using AI for automation, use cases applied to 5G, service modeling for Intelligent Transport Systems, automation and safety for CPS, reusability of real-time software and ITS. She received her Ph.D. from Mälardalen University, Sweden, in 2014. Rafia has co-authored 38+ scientific publications and 34+ patent families.

Title: Softwarization and IoT evolution

Abstract: to be announced

Lefteris Mamatas - ICIN 2020

Lefteris Mamatas
(University of Macedonia, Greece)

Bio: Lefteris Mamatas is Assistant Professor in the Department of Applied Informatics, University of Macedonia, Greece. He leads the Softwarized & Wireless Networks Research Group (http://swn.uom.gr) in the same University. He worked as a researcher at the University College London (UK), Space Internetworking Center/Democritus University of Thrace (Greece), and DoCoMo Eurolabs (Munich). His research interests lie in the areas of Software-Defined Networks, Internet of Things, 5G Networks, and Multi-Access Edge Computing. He participated in many international research projects, such as NECOS (H2020), FED4FIRE+ OC4 (H2020), WiSHFUL OC2 (H2020), MONROE OC2 (H2020), Dolfin (FP7), UniverSELF (FP7), and Extending Internet into Space (ESA). He has published more than 60 papers in international journals and conferences. He served as a General Chair for the WWIC 2016 conference and the INFOCOM SWFAN 2016 workshop, as a TPC Chair for the INFOCOM SWFAN 2017, E-DTN 2009, IFIP WWIC 2012 conferences/workshops and as a Guest Editor for the Elsevier Ad Hoc Networks Journal.